James Craig Ellis joins DLP as Property Manager

Craig has over 10 years of experience as a South Carolina Licensed Property Manager and Notary Public. Craig also has a background in sales, as a Sales Manager, which includes marketing experience. Craig received a Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a major in Human Services from Anderson University, in Anderson, SC. By receiving this degree, Craig has gained the knowledge to utilize all the necessary interpersonal skills, to better serve the public.

Michele Waite joins DLP as Showing Specialist

Having excelled in both the private and public sector for over 25 years, Michele has progressed in her career by fulfilling the needs of her clients to the best of her ability. She eagerly accepts challenges as ways to demonstrate that she is someone who can bring forth the value added and is committed to going above and beyond to provide her clients with excellent service.

JoLynne Frie joins DLP as Listing Associate

JoLynne Frie comes to DLP with over 25 years in sales, customer service and management experience. She attended Montana State University majoring in business management and sociology. She turned her focus and passion to real estate after purchasing her first home, in 2001. Knowing the joys of being a home owner, she knew she wanted to help people feel that same happiness when they bought their own homes.

The Most Common Spring Cleaning Mistake (Plus 8 Others)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Spring cleaning time!  Who doesn’t love a solid weekend of cleaning, decluttering and organizing?  Houselogic has a list of spring cleaning mistakes you don’t want to make!

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The Forgotten Home Buying Expenses

By: Carolyn Smith

Buying a home is a huge financial decision but there are some other expenses you may not think about when buying a home.  In order to avoid being thrown off financially consider all of the following things that you should budget for when purchasing a home.

When purchasing a home the inspections, appraisals, commissions,  and fees can all add up rather quickly.  The buyer may also be responsible to pay back property taxes that the previous owner had already paid, pay for oil that was purchased by previous owner or take care of HOA costs.  Don’t be thrown off guard by closing costs and keep track of the expenses you accrue along the way.

Along with your mortgage you will be responsible to pay yearly property taxes.  Your real estate agent should be able to provide you with the property tax amount, but don’t “bank” on that number staying the same from year to year, especially if you plan on making improvements or adding on to the home.

Utilities can take a huge bite out of your monthly budget.  Be sure to consider the size of your new property when budgeting, especially if your new property is larger than your last. 

Home insurance is one expense that you don’t want to skimp on!  Your new investment needs to be taken care of and home insurance policies compensate you for potential damages and losses to your home and possessions.  There are a number of different companies and polices to choose from,  so make sure to choose the coverage that is correct for you and your needs.  Typically coverage includes, storms, fire, theft, and vandalism, but areas prone to bad weather should consider flood and earthquake coverage.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.  We’re not talking mowing your yard or cleaning your toilet; we’re talking the big stuff.  Painting, replacing shingles on your roof, plumbing issues, the list could go on and on.  A good rule of the thumb to follow, set aside at least 1% of your home’s purchase price each year to cover maintenance costs that might pop up.

And last but certainly not least, budget for new stuff!  Take an inventory of what you already have and think about what you need for each room.  This should give you an idea of how much you may need to save to purchase some new items for your new home!

Buying a home is an exciting time and our agents are here to help you from the start of the buying process to the end!  Let DLP help you find your dream home!

You’re Under Contract, Don’t Do These 5 Things

By: Carolyn Smith

Congratulations!  Your offer was accepted and you’re on your way to home ownership, but in order to keep the ball rolling and ensure that your loan approval doesn’t stall there are a few things you need to avoid.

  1. Don’t make any large purchases or apply for a new credit card. We get it, you want that new sofa with matching end tables and that store credit card could save you a ton on new home décor but resist the temptations.  Your lender will do a final credit check right before closing and any big purchases or new debt could create an issue. 
  2. Wait until after closing to make a job change or take a promotion. If any changes do happen, make sure you inform your lender immediately.  Any changes in income can delay closing.
  3. Don’t mess with your credit by closing out credit cards or disputing information on your credit report. Closing out cards can damage your credit score and disputing information can stall the entire process.
  4. Avoid making large cash deposits. Any large deposits, including cash, will need to be accounted for and documented.  Deposits from payroll or an IRS tax refund should be okay, but undefined amounts may be questioned.
  5. Don’t lose contact with your lender or agent, and be readily available if they should need you for additional information or last-minute concerns.

Buying a home is a journey with tons of details and small hiccups that could stall the process, so cover your bases and be sure that ball is heading in the correct direction!