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Don Wenner

Don Wenner

President, CEO, Associate Broker

Don Wenner is the President of DLP Realty. Don’s #1 focus is to continue to create and provide clients with the most innovative tools, systems, and real estate programs in the area. Not only was Don’s team at DLP Realty ranked #1 in the Lehigh Valley, but the Wall Street Journal ranked DLP Realty as the #1 team in the Tri-State area, and has closed more than 6,000 real estate transactions totaling more than $850 million. In addition, DLP Realty was recently ranked as the 9th real estate team in the nation!

Don’s DLP Realty team has been able to sell thousands of homes since the market crash. In addition, Don owns a real estate consulting company and has become a household name when it comes to training real estate professionals in getting homes sold.

Don has worked hard to cultivate strategic partnerships with the very best in the mortgage, title, insurance, and financial planning industries, making DLP Realty a true one-stop shop when it comes to outstanding real estate.