Persistence and Dedication Delivers…. A Farmhouse for a Faithful Family

Tim Dodge, Sellers & Buyers

DLP Realty’s Tim Dodge Delivering Wow

Michael and Jennifer D. were on the hunt for an affordable, distressed farmhouse property. It was pre-COVID when they started their search and DLP Realty Buyer Success Manager Tim Dodge was on a mission to help the couple and their children find their new forever farm. 

The couple had early success with a property, although it needed a lot of work and was at the height of their price range. While their offer was accepted, the couple prayed that they had indeed made the right decision. The COVID pandemic had also just emerged, making normal life difficult. The following day, Michael’s hours at his job were drastically reduced (due to COVID) and the couple knew that they needed to back out of the deal and continue their search. And, with the pandemic, real estate showings and closing procedures had significantly changed.  

Jen said, “Over the next 5 months, we kept Tim very busy as we had listings we wanted to see almost daily and they were located throughout the Lehigh Valley and well beyond.” They called and texted Tim, daily. Finding a farmhouse with land for their four children to explore, an opportunity to own livestock, outbuildings, an apartment for Jen’s mother – and all at an affordable price proved difficult. They visited short sales, foreclosures, and bank owned properties, both near and far.  

Eventually, Jen found a property on a Facebook page of an individual who was selling an inherited property, located in Fleetwood, PA. It hadn’t sold through auction and she wrote a compelling letter to the seller asking to tour it as soon as possible. Jen said, “I saw the photos and knew that it would be perfect for our family.” The property had a farm house, attached barn, and a chicken coop. 

The sellers, Diane and Jeff S. were selling the 5.5 acre farm for Jeff’s father Jack, who had moved in with his family last February after suffering health problems and was no longer able to care for the large property. Diane said her inbox was overflowing with interested buyers when she received Jen’s heartfelt letter. As it turned out, a neighbor of the farm attended the same church as Jen and her family, and their children attended church programs and events together. 

Jen and Michael toured the home, the courtyard, and the land. They commented, “It was expansive and beautiful. We immediately knew it was perfect for us.” Tim, who represented both the buyers and sellers, worked diligently over three full days to have the contracts ready, not an easy task since the property was not professionally listed. 

Jen, Michael, and their four children happily settled into their new home on August 13. The family is grateful for the blessing of a new home and also to Tim and DLP Realty for seeing the family through from start to finish, especially during an uncertain and unprecedented time. 

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