Move into your new home with no stress!

For over 10 years, the Don Wenner Team | eXp Realty have been offering the Guaranteed Sale Program to our clients, allowing thousands of people to move into the home of their dreams with no stress or worry.

Real Estate Made Easy.


#1 Homeowners Fear - Solved.

This program is incredibly powerful & was designed to solve the biggest dilemma in real estate, The Catch 22, the dilemma you run into when you own one home and want to buy another. If you buy first, you get stuck owning 2 homes, 2 mortgages payments, and 2 taxes on 2 properties. If you sell first you get stuck with nowhere to go, or are forced to move in with family, rent, or rush into a decision.

Most sellers do not want to take an offer contingent on the sale of a home. So what do you do? That is where the Guaranteed Sale Program comes into play. The Focus of the Guaranteed Sale is to, as mentioned above, to solve the Catch 22, but also to direct buyers to purchase Don Wenner Team’s listings. Any buyer interested in buying your home, if listed with Don Wenner Team | eXp Realty, can “Trade” to your home & not have to worry about the sale of his/her home. This attracts buyers to Don Wenner Team’s listings.


Easy, quick, and stress-free - Guaranteed.

Step 1

Expert Evaluation – Our Guaranteed Sale Solution begins with a full evaluation of your existing home by one of our expert listing agents.

Step 2

Guaranteed Sale – The price we give you for the guarantee will depend on where and how you buy your next home. If you’re not sure, we’ll walk you through your options.

Step 3

List Your Home – We’ll create a listing for you with professional photos, video walkthroughs, and state of the art virtual tours.

Step 4

Find Your Home – With your guaranteed offer in hand, you’ll have the power to make offers on your dream home without worrying about the “catch 22.”

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